How much cost a venetian glass? this is a commun question of our client, that want to know the real value of Murano glass, read this article about it.

How expensive is Murano glass?

Well! The nice things cost. Luxury glass art is not for all. Original Murano Glass is expensive, no doubt about it. It is considered a luxury art and is not accessible to everyone. However they are artistic works that remain forever and often are also preserved in generation of fans, and Murano glass value is forever.
Considering the difficulties in making it, many artisans involved in the craft process, the time to learn the working process by a glass masters takes around 20 years, make this artcraft very costly in production.
The cost of glass production must also cope with the high cost necessary for the ignition of the kiln furnaces that run on natural gas. Also the cost of the materials used to make the vases, sculptures etc. is very high, we use the millefiori glass, pure gold 24 carats, pure silver; the cost obviously is placed on high product ranges.

Venetian glass is art,the quality of the pieces are at the heigher standard to embellish the best room space, the cost is reasonable for luxury. In the market we are now accustomed to many disposable products that are cheap and it is increasingly difficult to find quality, which instead is found in Murano glass.
Not everyone knows that the production of artistic glass is completely handmade by the masters, this makes the production much more difficult and of fewer pieces, for same pieces one of a kind.

Those who buy Murano glass are confidently buyers who know the value of artisan products, and are willing to spend something more to have a unique and recognized work in hand. The value of antic and vintage pieces is also determined a lot by the certification of the piece, in this regard our products arrive with the certificate and anti-anti-counterfeiting mark for the registration of the artwork.

horse head murano venetian glass

Is Murano glass collectible? Does Murano glass increase in value?

Yes it is one of the most collected product in the market, worldwide many wealthy people are owners at least of one piece, all wealthy families in Italy have one piece at home or in office, and this is same for many north america italians. It is for all the world a sign of made in Italy, Murano glass is the product that is also a symbol of a precious thing, for all that it contains, quality, uniqueness, tradition and quality of materials.
Murano glass is a great value product so it is collected by the appasionates. The artglass of Murano is also the works are kept with care by generations of enthusiasts, collecting them makes it a highly regarded product also in the antiques and luxury antique market.

Famouse gallery propose also Murano glass as pure art piece, and this make a valuable in the time for collection. IMany of our customers love our animals creation to collect the prefered pieces, such as horse, owl glass, and many other figurines, stunning abstract sculptures to embellish niches and the most beautiful corners of the house, even the chandeliers are very popular and recognized for their preciousness.

Precisely because Murano glass is carefully kept and passed down through generations in families as a valuable artistic piece, it is given for the most important family events such as wedding gift or anniversary, it is preserved as a luxury piece, such a never ending story. This increases its value because the artistic workers over the years pass and remain the works and these take value in collectors.
Also as emotional piece to remember of Venice time, "la bella vita", infact many travelers and lovers of italian live style, buy original Murano glass during the wonderful holidays spent in Venice, and keep it as a souvenir, this is also a great value to the object.
Over the years it never loses value, we speak of unique artistic works, but the value also increases in relation to the fact that the hands of the old masters are different and less and less capable.

What country makes the best glass?

Italy is known for many luxury products, and for glass making we are the best, the venetian glass masters is know are very skills. In the last years our glass techniques is teached in many famouse school in USA.

author: Massimiliano