We offer unique gift idea in our shop for any occasion and special event, in this article we share idea about thanksgiving but it is useful for any upcoming events.

Thanksgiving Day is an ideal occasion to take advantage of gift ideas in Murano glass of Original Murano Glass OMG shop, in our gift idea collection in venetian glass, with possibility to get a custom engraving on surface.. Among the different festivities the upcoming Thanksgiving Day is a real tradition in the United States and Canada, that on this day choose to honor God and thank  for what they collected during the year. This year Thanksgiving falls on November, but since now you can think about a gift for your family or friends, with whom you will pay tribute to the richness received during the past year. No gift is more valuable than a gift in Murano glass to say thank to the richness and serenity that you receive each day.


The Thanksgiving feast has ancient origins linked to the tradition of the Pilgrim Fathers, who emigrated from England to the New World, to thank God for the fruits obtained from the crop after months of work and difficulties in the new land. Since then the feast day falls on every fourth Thursday of November, enriched with modern traditions such as the presidential turkey pardon or the Thanksgiving turkey, the main dish of the Thanksgiving dinner that unites all Americans around dinner tables.


Thanksgiving Day is one of the best occasions to take advantage of gift ideas in Murano glass,to enrich the feast day, embellish a moment and make it unforgettable. With gifts in Murano glass offered by Original Murano Glass it is easy to make friends and family happy: you can choose a valuable jewel for women, a particular object for the house or tableware accessories to enrich the table where you meet to celebrate and have dinner together.