We are specialized in Home Decor and interior designers love our artglass, we are able to create in collaboration with best glass masters the best glass project.

If you are not in a museum but you are admiring a work of an interior designer in Murano glass, probably you will be equally fascinated and intrigued. As well as the Mona Lisa by Da Vinci or the gentle features of the Venus of Milo, the sculptures of the interior designers in Murano glass can be considered works of art to buy, donate or admire. The value of an object made of glass of the island of Murano, starting from the project and inspiration of the most talented designers of the moment is priceless.

Original Murano Glass aims at offering not only a great selection of works by master glassmakers, but also the possibility to customize your objects of design through the work of expert interior designers, who, on commission, create unique works of art in Murano glass.


In our shop Original Murano Glass OMG you have the impression of being in an art gallery. Unique objects, detailed representations and masterpieces of abstract art coming from the work of the best interior designers in Murano glass. Among the different proposals you can admire the works of great master glassmakers such as:

-Alessandro Barbaro, who recreates glass elephants, gazelles, tigers or lions;
Andrea Tagliapietra, who offers delicate and refined ribbons and waves in blown glass;
- Pino Signoretto, whose Lovers are perfect as a gift for a wedding;
- Salvadore and Studio Afro, whose brightly colored vases in grinded glass give a modern and sophisticated touch to any room.

Choosing to buy for yourself or as a gift a work of the interior design in Murano glass means to buy a work of art as a piece of an art gallery. It means, at the same time, to choose the 100% Made in Italy, without false copies that destroy the professionalism of the designers of Murano glass.