In this article we answer about the difference between Venetina glass and Murano glass, read about it

Is Venetian glass the same as Murano glass?

Yes it is the same, Murano glass is the same of Venetian glass. Actually Murano is a small island near by the most famose Venice in Italy. The ancient venetian repubblic of Venice discovered and developed the glass techniques in the long past. The tradition said that the working glass in Venice was ended in 1291, and according to history the Doge, king of Venice decide to move, for safaty reasons, all the glass factories from the main island of Venice to the near Murano island to prevent fire burning problems in the old venice town.
From that year all the production of venetian glass was move to Murano, and it become Murano glass.

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What is so special about Murano glass?

This question is sample to anwer at: just look at it! Murano glass is one of our best made in italy creation. It is in the market from centuries and it is all over the word appreciated. Our art of Murano glass contains in itself an ancient knowledge of techniques, chemistry of materials, taste for beauty. It is standing in the most important museum, palace and luxury houses from centuries. Murano glass is a great combination of beauty glass, if we see vases or scultpure that are just ornamental pieces to embellish spaces, but we have make also many usefull object such as chandeliers for illumination, venetian mirror and all the glassware to be used in the best event. originla Murano glass is shining from centiries and this is a reason why it is so appreciated for its beauty.

How can you tell genuine Murano glass?

This question needs an article just for it, please read our suggestions how to identify original Murano glass.