Before buy a venetian chandelier from our shop we reccomend to read those advises about this great lighting product.

Choose a chandelier in Murano glass handmade according to the ancient Venetian art techniques, it is to choose a work of art that encompasses a thousand-year history and the glories of ancient Venetian Republic with its beauties renowned worldwide.

There are some things to know before jumping headlong in purchasing a unique artwork handcrafts that must be landscaping but also utility.

The first tip is definitely be followed by Murano glass llighting experts , which can help you and meet your needs.

In many years of work and dedication, according to our experience in following our customers, we have collected in this article helpful tips to know before buying your chandelier in Murano glass:



1. Observe carefully the room to be illuminated and choose the lights

For what purpose you are going to buy the chandelier, the wall or table lamp? Keep in mind, it is a pure object of embellishment, but should also illuminate!
Before each choice you have to have a clear result to be achieved .
The chandelier serves to give light to the environment and a touch of magic and luxury. Estimates the number of lights that interest considering the application space, bedroom, living room , hotel lobby , building , or hallway .

Assess whether there are other sources of light in the environment , or if the chandelier requested should be the main source. Rate all the lights , it is the main source of light calculated in detail its intensity according to the space required. If the room will not be the main source of light you have freedom to choose at the expense of functionality. Pay attention to the choice of the color of the object, of course, the colors clear and transparent and gold accentuate and reflect the intensity of light .
You should know that the lamps can be arranged in the chandelier, but also in wall sconces, on several stages of lights, usually in the smaller sizes it is used just a single stage of the main lights. You can chose your artwork with the lights switched on different levels working on staggered heights of the cups lightholders . Even in this case, the possibilities are endless .

It considers that the lights can also be installed with a cable system to allow switching to the pleasure of some or all of the lights .
This could allow you to have different intensity of light according to the environment to be created.
Read the section bellow electrical wire and installation of the chandelier.


2. Calculates the size of the chandelier, diameter and height

The measures are essential to know right away. The chandelier must have a height sufficient to allow the best effect . The chandelier should never go in the height of 220-230cm minimum ground. The classic Venetian chandelier is suitable for high ceilings , where the momentum from the ceiling it makes the most of the forms . Consider that the measure of the chandelier should also include the addition of the chain and the cup of ceiling cup. 

To determine the diameter of the Murano glass chandelier in meter, we should use this technique that we designed to give you an idea calculates the size of the room length and width in meters. Add up the width and length you sized, in meters, and multiply the total with this special number 8.5, the result is centimeter the perfect diameter of your Murano glass chandelier.
For example, a room of 6m x 4m, it will be 10 x 8.5 = 85cm diameter is the ideal diameter of the perfect chandelier.

To chose the diameter of the Murano glass chandelier size in inches, you should get the width and the length of the room, add up the width and length you calculated, for example 18feet + 13feet = 31 feet, now get the total number 31 and consider it in inches, so the perfect diameter of the chandelier for a room like this would be approximately 31 inches (78.0 cm).

To determine the height of the chandelier in centimeter ( without chain ) measures the height of the ceiling. The height of the chandelier should be 25cm per meter of height of the ceiling. For example , say that your stay is 4 meters high ceiling , an estimated 1 meter height of the chandelier.

To determine the height of the chandelier in inches (without chain) get the ceiling height. the chandelier height should be 3inches for each ceiling height foot. For example, let's say your living room is 13 feet(4 meter) of ceiling height, you estimate 13 x 3 = 39inches (1 meter) your chandelier height.

The chain length can vary depending on the space, we say that the proportions favorite for a stay ( please do not consider this advice for all large room). It is that the total height of the chandelier chain is at least 1/3 -1/4 of the ceiling of the room .

For example , for a ceiling 4 meters heght chandelier measuring 130-140 cm it is perfect with a chain of 30-40 cm , so as to leave the chandelier to 2.30m of height from the ground .


3. Choose the style and the desired shape of the chandelier with attention to proportions

Before choosing the style can not miss an introduction of Venice, the Queen in history, that has been one of the first cities in the Mediterranean, home to businesses, destination for artists, writers, philosophers from around the world , the time has received in its own way the heterogeneous influences of styles of each era , from Romanesque , Byzantine , Gothic, Renaissance , Baroque , rococo Venetian , French libert , until you get to today where modern style meets classic .

Rezzonico sinistra e Mono asse destraConsult our online catalog of Murano glass Chandelier and venetian chandeliers where you can get ideas on some models we have exposed, to use as a starting point and basis of the project. I think that a slightest idea about the style you may already have, the classic Rezzonico, spears , pastoral , see the different categories catalog. In choosing the style of the chandelier it is very personal , and varies greatly from taste to taste , the classic blends with the modern and vice versa .

Some classic models were reviewed in more modern style with lines and design more stylized , but always maintaining its features , see styles such pastoral or spears .  If you do not find the model you like or would you change one to fit your design, send us this information requirements, maybe even with a sketch drawn, we can quickly realize yourself and quote without a commitment.
A once approved we will send you the complete study design with the technical details of the proportions of the arms , the section and everything else needed to be given prior to production .

The Murano glass chandelier is developed on the stages. The stage can keep the lights and the embellishment components for example flowers, leaves and crests.
Usually the Murano chandelier is made with a main stage of lights, for the bigger size chandelier it may have developed in more stages.
There are two main forms of chandelier :
-those shaped rezzonico with the various stages that can be developed on 2, 3 or 4 axes, depending on the shape and size .
-or chandeliers with single axis where the antlers grow on each other up with symmetry.


4. Look carefully the details of the finishes, the colors and the materials used to enhance the artwork of Murano glass

Beware that many low cost chandelier suppliers sell their products with the glass colors painted with varnish spray on surface, and not handmade as it should in fire.

Choose carefully the colors of the glass, clear glass, colored glass, filigree, or matt color (not-transparent), ask to seller to explain carefully how the color of glass is given. You can easly make a test, fire a little part of the surface by a lighter to see if it comes out the varnish of the surface. The glass must be colored at fire in chemical reaction not painted on surface.
The glass can be enhanced with the addition of 24-carat gold leaf in the details or in all the work, to bring prestige and value to the finished product.
To spend less and still have a golden effect of the chandelier can be used, instead of gold, amber with similar visual impact. Be careful to manufacters who sell you amber instead of gold!
Choose carefully the details of the artwork, see one of the many photos in our catalog, the flower shapes of leaves, pendants and cups, crests for rezzonico and other interests you, you'll notice from the photo that our artists perform masterfully each piece and carefully create high quality finishes. Ask more information about the details of the works that you're buying, the price is not all, indeed, many chandeliers are sold mostly online at low prices because they also hide a poor quality of the finishes and details in color of the glass and the quantity of gold used.


5. Request warranties and spare parts

The chandeliers in Murano glass pieces are very fragile and require care and attention over time. For this reason it is important before you buy be sure to also buy some spare parts, at least one cup, one flower and leaves and other parts of the artwork. Ask always spare parts, from experience over the years may unintentionally break the pieces, even during the cleaning of the chandelier. Our chandeliers always come with spare parts included to ensure maximum service time .


6. Pay attention to the electrical system and installation

The electrical wire system of the chandelier is one of the aspects that are sometimes relegated to second place because the customer often interested in buying only the beauty of the work in glass. You should also pay attention to the electrical system of the chandelier is important, the wiring of the wires must be appropriately provided in the product and must be appropriately designed to permit installation in your country, in compliance with the law and security.
Never buy without asking the seller the specifications of the system that should be with mark CE as a product for the illumination, watch out that most of the producers of chandeliers are not capable of giving products with CE certification, This is a must, a legal requirement and what it entails for insurance purposes and security environment of use. All of our products for the lighting in the catalog are strictly CE certified. 
Usually the lights instaled in a Murano chandeliers are the traditional 40-60W of power for those less than 6 lights, but may choose bulbs usually compatible with a standard E14 , available low-power LED etc. You can also choose to use the fake candle with lights to give a touch of vintage in more work and to recall the traditional candles of the candelabrum.

Request specifications for electrical wiring for your country. For same countries it may take ad hoc cabling that we provides inclued in our service.
Ask for information about how to install the chandelier, weight , installation manuals and warranties. Our products come with all installation manuals and provide maximum assistance after sale. For the most important projects, and where required we can also make the installation on site.


Contact our team for any questions , we are available to help you.