Our gift ideas in Venetian glass are something unique that stands out for its elegance, style and quality. Buy in our shop authentic pieces.

Buying a gift in Murano glass allows to findthe right gift, original and impressive through which you will make happy and surprise people. We are often forced to buy common objects that not generate the enthusiasm we want in who receives our gift. With gift ideas in Murano glass such as the table lamps proposed on Original Murano Glass - Shop & Share it is possible to choose and customize even a simplest object, to make it a unique object, a piece of art like the wonderful venetian mirrors, a functional and precious element, using the traditional art of Murano glass.


If you want to make people happy with your gift, it is also important to choose for them an original item. In autumn days become shorter and every minute becomes even more valuable, which is why among the gift ideas in Murano glass of this season are watches in Murano glass, to hang in the bedroom, living room or even in the kitchen, with inimitable shapes and styles. On the website there are a lot of ideas for a special gift idea, for a special occasion, for an event, all in different sizes and price range. Anyway, whatever the object you choose, it can be customized for your gift, so that you are sure to buy an original object in Murano glass, handmade by artisans and producers who handed down the traditions of the art glass, customized with their sign and according to the colors, shapes and details you wish. Gift ideas in Murano glass represent a made in Italy choice, thanks to the artistic tradition and handmade manufacture, with all the charm and reliability that results from buying an original product. To learn more about personalized gift ideas, please contact us.