All our glass goods are carefully packed according with our experiences. The fragility of objects compels us to take care of the packaging process. Each object is in fact hand-packed and properly placed in protective boxes to arrive intact to the customer. The items are shipped by insured carrier

Type of packaging

Our items are packed by skilled personnel, each item will be packed respecting the shape and size. Our items come wrapped in tissue paper, then with bubble wrap to more layers, crepe paper, all smothered in polystyrene panels Styrofoam. We use also vacuum packed for some artworks. The box can be wood for large objects or cardboard for other objects. All our products are insured against theft, loss or damage that may occur during the trip.


how we pack murano glass artworks such sculptures and bowls:


how we pack murano glass chandeliers with vacuum packaging:



how we pack venetian mirrors with wooden box: