Decorating  your house with tableware accessories in Murano glass is so easy! Enjoy our shop collection of glassware.

Often when you think about buying an object in Murano glass, you think about a fragile object, often too valuable to be part of your daily life, perhaps too elegant for modern and technological houses or even almost vintage. On the contrary the tableware accessories in venetian glass designed by Original Murano Glass perfectly fit into modern, busy and demanding families, always looking for an extra touch of style. For families and houses that need to be practical and "smart" without losing personality.


The rethinking  of tableware accessories in Murano glass shows how modern technologies, materials and design are able to take advantage of all the ancient techniques of artisians of Murano glass and make the ancient art at the service of a modern life. Just a centerpiece of Murano glass, a cocktail glass or a glass refined in blown glass can change the design of your table and give an extra touch for the guests. The tableware accessories in Murano glass combine all the functionality of glasses, plates, goblets and pitchers with the style and preciousness of an object made in Murano glass.
A pale and neutral background of a dining room with soft colors transforms into an elegant but modern living room thanks to the lights that cross murrina glasses and decorations. Each accessory for the table in Murano glass can be customized according to your preferences in color and form, thanks to a customer service always available at the e-mail . Do not hesitate to contact us and choose your table accessories in Murano glass... the success is guaranteed!