Among many memories of a lifetime those enclosed in photo frames are the most precious: the ones that we want to see again and again every day.

Choosing photo frames is always an important moment, because we decide to take that picture for a second time, enriching our home with that image and inserting it in our days. With the valuable work of the master craftsmen of Original Murano Glass it is easy to give the right value to each photo, thanks to photo frames created and customized for every need.


Thanks to the wide selection of photo frames in venetian glass proposals in our online shop you can opt for frames in gold, silver, decorated in murrina or inspired to a particular artists. Each type of photo frame proposal is totally handmade by craftsman of Murano Glass. This ensures a product 100% Made in Italy, ideal as a gift for next Christmas or as a gift for a wedding or for important events. You can choose the most suitable colors and the type of decoration that best matches with the design of your home, choose a theme as a gift for a special event or meeting and complete the gift by inserting a meaningful picture. The signature of the craftsman who has completed the work marks every object in Murano glass. Thanks to this symbol and to the guarantee certificate of authenticity every photo frame will certainly be a precious thing away from false played even with plastic material.

Choose to avoid false and small value products and entrusted to professionals team who have made of the Made in Italy their own profession. Lovers of the island of Murano and witnesses of ancient traditions, we always try to do well in all our objects as photo frames in Murano glass, thanks to the tradition that our ancestors left us. Entrust to us to narrow your photo in a precious photo frame!