To order in our e-commerce is simple and it can take less then 5 minutes, the following guide is to help place the order:

  1. In the descriptive page of the product to purchase, click on the BUY NOW button, see figure below , you will be redirected to your cart.

    buy now original murano glass

  2. Check if your cart contains the product and the quantity required , see figure below. It is possible to change the quantities or add more products by selecting them as described in step 1. Click then on the button Check Out Now.

    cart how to place order original murano glass

  3. Enter your billing information, be sure to include the data required. For European companies please enter the business name and VAT, click the SAVE button to save your billing information.

    billing information how to order original murano glass

  4. Check if you want the billing and shipping information to be the same, whether the recipient is different than click on modify shipping information button to modify the shipping address, see figure below. Then click on Check Out Now.

    shipping address how to order original murano glass

  5. Select the desired shipping method, then click the SAVE button, see figure below.

    how to select shipping method original murano glass 

  6. Select the payment method , then click the SAVE button, see figure below.

    how to select payment method original murano glass

  7. If necessary to communicate additional information on the order, please fill the Note text form. Checkbox the Terms of Sale, after reading them, to accept them. Then click on Check Out Now to procede, see figure below.

    how to write note and confirm term of sale original murano glass

  8. Check that all data are correct then click on Confirm Order, see figure below. You will be redirected to the payment circuit chosen, this can take a few seconds of waiting.

    how to confirm order original murano glass shop


NOTE: to not bore our customers with complicated order process, we not ask to register an account. All informations about the status of the order are sent to the email address provided by customer during chekout. It is possible to change billing data and shipping address after order is confirmed, contacting our customer service. 


Do you have a coupon code discount and you do not know how to use it?

In the shopping cart page, see figure below, enter the coupon code in the box and click the SAVE button, the page will reload and the total will be changed with the reserved discount.

how to use coupon code in original murano glass store



How to change currency?

To change currency is easy, use the module on top right corner of the page:


change currency


change currency on mobile



How to order with AMERICA EXPRESS credit card and JCB credit card?

We also accept AMEX and JCB as credit card for payment. We actually have two method but we suggest you for semplicity to try first with Stripe as payment method. To do so, please select Stripe as payment method, third on the payment method list we give in our webshop.

Another way to pay by AMEX or JCB is following this process:

  1. Select payment method credit cards, first in payment method list we have in our shop.
  2. After order is complete in our site you are redirect to Paypal system to pay
  3. Select to PAY with Paypal, see figure bellow

    select pay with paypal 
  4. Wait after redirect to page as in the image bellow. Then click the botton

    pay without account paypal

  5. Now it shown the possibility to enter the American Express card details or JCB card details to procede with payment.

    amex paypal system 



Our customer support is available for any questions and assistance, please contact us.