The watches in venetian glass is one of the most like product of our collection, watches for wall or for desk they are all unique colorful and loved, with gift box and certificate.

If you need to be on time with style, watches in venetian glass are the perfect blend of style and elegance, which combine precious materials with the necessary presence and functionality of a clock in your home or office. The watches have always been essential to scan the daily life, both personal and professional, to help us to organize our agendas and private life, dates and hobbies, and they are very useful to those who have no sense of time and who, on the contrary, have no time to lose!

Watches in Murano glass are designed to decorate and together  to be functional. Among the several proposals of Original Murano Glass OMG there are various types of watches, in different sizes and with different colors. The format proposed by the master craftsmen of is that of a pendulum wall clock, modern and traditional at the same time, perfect for professional environments, but also for kitchen or living room.


The first pendulum clocks, built since 1657 to mark the time, used a mechanical pendulum added to more or less big structures in wood. From the first wall or table pendulum clocks, the technology has evolved considerably, but the charm of the old clocks still remains. Watches in Murano glass remember ancient traditions, old noisy clocks that decorated living rooms, small devices on the ancient writing desks in heavy wood, but they combine tradition with the modernity and the vivid colors of murrina glass, reworking pendulum clocks and reinventing them.

Thanks to the Murano glass and the skills of the master craftsmen of Venice it is easy to choose a modern watch in Murano glass with murrine or colored geometric designs, simple or more elaborated lines, to be always on time!