Wedding favors in venetian glass is the best way to impress your loved one with a unique piece of art, made in Italy

As gift at the end of an important ceremony, favors in Murano glass are the most elegant and precious way to thank your guests and to be remembered. The tradition to end celebrations or big events with a gift for guests, a favor or bonbonnière, dates back to the 18 th century: the custom of giving a little box of ‘bonbons’ has become a way to personalize your gift in several ways.

Choosing favors in Murano glass as symbol for your wedding, the baptism of your first child or your graduation, means to give to your guests a precious and unique gift, customized to your liking. Ordinary favors use materials such as silver, porcelain, ceramic or glass, and not only symbolic, but more and more objects you can use in everyday life. The favors in Murano glass stand out among all because the glass of Venetian island is notoriously one of the most valuable and difficult to work.


If you have already chosen the theme of your party, it will certainly be easy to adapt one of the several gift ideas proposed on the online platform of Original Murano Glass OMG to your choice. If you are still thinking about the theme or the organization of your event, you can as well be inspired by objects, furnishings, ornaments, table accessories, frames, sculptures and more, to choose colors and theme of your party. The favors in Murano glass are indeed not only a way to accompany the end of your event, but also a way to stand out and make you remembered. Thanks to the variety of ideas available online, you can choose not only the most suitable style, but also a subject or a particular color  to customize your favors in Murano glass. The preciousness of an object in Murano glass is known to all and concluding weddings, graduations, birthdays or anniversaries with a gift of such value is an easy way to make the difference!