Woman jewelry in venetian glass is one of the most liked, interesting gift idea. Necklaces and Bracelets are our first choise collection in shop.

Among the many gift ideas that you can find in our shop, the jewels in venetian Murano glass are definitely the most loved by women. The perfect gift for an anniversary or an important event, to symbolize a bond or a great affection. Murano glass can be processed in various manners to give delicate harmonic forms not only to statues, objects and sculptures, but also to jewelry.Jewels in Murano glass created by Original Murano Glass Shop & Share give the possibility to choose necklaces, rings, earring sand pendants. The most particular creation is that of glass beads: precious pendants for enriching face or cleavage with bright colors and different materials.


The shop and factory of Original Murano Glass offers not only a gallery but also a better chance to find the most suitable gift for girlfriends or wives.Jewels in Murano glass on the website are designed with different styles and shapes to suit the different types of women, as tribal jewelry, long necklaces, candy necklaces or the particular collectioncalled Denise. Every precious jewels in Murano glass can be personalized,for example thinking of a favorite color or a particular color association.

Jewels in Murano glass can be defined as wearable sculptures,as well as various objects in Murano glass enrich your house, the jewels can embellish a womanThanks to the certificate of authenticity given from Original Murano Glass with each item, you will have the added assurance of purchasing an original object in Murano glass and not a banal plastic imitation.