handmade in Venice Italy, since 1291



handmade in Venice Italy, since 1291

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Certificate of authenticity of our products

The products for sale in Original Murano Glass s.n.c. store are entirely handmade according to the ancient techniques of the glassmakers of Murano Venice and are selected by our experienced staff from the best artists, artisans and producers for their artistic qualities and uniqueness. Our artworks are strictly handmade in original Murano glass in the island of Murano and in the province of Venice.

Original Murano Glass s.n.c. is a company based in Murano, and it is proud to deliver worldwide pieces of artglass certified ORIGINAL MURANO GLASS OMG®, as the best made in Italy.

We ship all our products with their certificate of authenticity (a paper certified document) and our hologram brand sticker; both guarantee that the artworks are unique ORIGINAL MURANO GLASS OMG® pieces. Using the QR code, the customer will register the product with picture and create the Electronic Certificate that will be saved in our database. Through this online certificate, customers can always validate the purchase made in our shop; this gives a guarantee document, valid over time, that certifies the value of our products, read here more about our Electronic Certificate.

Our staff is always available to confirm and validate the purchase made in our shop; this is to give to our customers a guarantee document, valid over time, that the products are valuable piece of art, possibly documented with photos, videos and descriptions of the work collected every day during our work.

Our certificate is valid as proof of purchase in our shop, and certify the originality and quality of the product.
In this regard, we advise our clients to maintain our certificate, and possibly the order invoice that is sent via email upon purchase and stored in our archives that can always be verifiable.

Many of our artworks have also the trademark Vetro Artistico ® Murano, when it is made from a producers joining the Consorzio Promovetro. To know more about it, click here.

Our collection in original Murano glass is a vast and heterogeneous proposal certified that includes beautiful glass artworks of famous and emerging artists from the island of Murano, also it includes many artworks of famous companies of Venice, unique and antique pieces made over the last 50 years by famous Venetian glass masters, after having been thoroughly evaluated by our experts and re-proposed for sale with our certificate. 


certificato electronic OMG originalmuranoglass.com
certificate murano glass

certificato OMG originalmuranoglass.com
certificate murano glass

About our web store

The only e-shop based in Murano island.
Original Murano Glass OMG® company, heir of an important glass factory founded in 1934, offers to its international customers artistic glass artworks entirely handmade with classique and/or innovative designs, according with the customer requirements. On our store customer can choose from a vast variety of all type of Murano glass production executed with the highest levels of tecnique and creativity.

Original Murano Glass OMG® store is the first official online store of the most prestigious and emerging glass masters of Venice.
Each artglass is carefully selected by our experts to provide the highest quality glassworks, made in Italy.
Everyday we update our catalogue with new and exclusive Murano glass masterpieces.


  • 100% Authentic Murano glass produced in our furnaces, and delivered with our Certificate of Authenticity Original Murano Glass OMG®.
  • 14 Days Money back guarantee, from the moment you recieve the piece you have 14 days to decide whether to send it back to us and get your money refund.
  • Our customers consider Excellent our products and customer service, read their reviews in TrustedShop.
  • The biggest collection of Murano glass artworks with more then 3000 objects in stock that permit us to send in prompt delivery, usefull for last time gift ideas.
  • Free worldwide shipping is for all order.


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Handmade in our factory!

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Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm Italian time

+39 0417794323
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+39 3899335434


Original Murano Glass s.n.c. Fondamenta San Giovanni dei Battuti 4b. 30141, Murano Venezia Italy.



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