The production of our venetian mirrors is shown in this article with pictures and video of our craftmen in laboratory and factory based in Murano Venice.

The Venetian mirror , exclusive home decor furniture of Venetian lords, whose origins date back to the Italian Renaissance and maybe before, is the result of years of experience of our Murano craftsmen, and we are now proudly made and proposed by our company as the best made in Italy. In this article we share how we make such incredible artworks.


Complexity and pure technical manufacturing distinguish a real Venetian mirror in Murano glass. Unlike an industrial product, these mirrors are created by, at least, four different specialized artisans. They are: the carpenter for the wood structure; the “mirror maker” for the silver pouring; the engraver for the glass cutting; the glass master for decor and embellishment. Size, shape, ornaments, colors and design are the sum of professional experiences of artisans who work in team. The result? An amazing masterpiece, unique and esteemed!

scratch venetian mirror murano glass



First of all, we draw on paper the mirror's shape in its actual measure; we study its frame and its embellishment and we study its light in the mirror (so how many little mirrors compose the whole one). Finally we study all the drawings we have to engrave and the colors of the Murano glass decorations we need to install.

venetian mirror wooden frame

Wood structure frame

The carpenter cuts the perfect shape for the Venetian mirror using a multilayer of Cirmolo's wood. This process is all handmade and the shape can be much different from model to model design (the wooden frame, in our last collection, may even contain a true TV color to be shown in the middle of the venetain mirror when power on)

specchio veneziano struttura in legno

Glass engraving

This is surely the most creative and artistic step. The glass sheet is engraved and decorated with beautiful flowers and leaves, mythological scenes or medieval ones or with loads of different subjects. Even during this phase our engravers can custom the perfect representation for you.

mirror made with silver

Mirror making with pure silver on the flat glass

With the maximum attention, silver is poured on the glass sheet. During this phase there's the choice of the mirror color; it can be in pure silver or with shades of amber or black color. On request, the mirror can also be aged with a specific chemical process to create an effect of traditional ancient style.

venetian mirror posing

Mirror's laying on the mirror's frame

Depending on the final result we want to obtain, the frame in wood is covered by a silver or a golden layer. After the pose of different little mirrors, the whole mirror is cut in a specific shape and fixed on the frame with nails covered with a glass cap.

specchio veneziano installazione del vetro di Murano

Embellishment installation of Murano glass

During this phase, the different Murano glass components of the decors are fixed on the mirror. Usually, these parts are made through hot modeling and they are usually flowers and leaves of different sizes and colors, in clear class or paste color and sometimes matched with gold 24kt or pure silver. There are infinity possibilities about it.


OMG® artisans make the Venetian Mirrors to offer the best Made in Italy on the field. These are our different collections::

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Each creation is accompanied by a regular certificate of authenticity that certifies the origin and demonstrates the use of 100% Original Murano Glass. Explore immediately our venetian mirror catalogue and enjoy your shopping with confidence!