Venetian chandeliers with a unique point of view, we share an interesting perspective of this incredible lighting product and style.

Starting from the concept that we, human beings, are not just body or mind but a whole between conscious and unconscious, rational and irrational filled with emotions, intuitions and instincts. This makes us multi-dimensional creatures with a necessity of wellbeing in all the aspects of our life.
More recent researches suggest that even the lighting environment should support human health. Lighting that focuses on people, and not on just having a tool to “see objects”, is based on the emotional and biological benefits. Have you ever been in a fancy restaurant with a flashing cold light on your table for a romantic dinner? Is your office lit with candles? Probably not.
Here there’s not just a matter of what is the purpose in the area but also on how you would like to feel there. Thinking about our own places we live in, we often visit or we work in: they should be lit based on the emotions we want to have when we are there, of course without forgetting the reason we need a light in that certain space.

Murano Glass is a perfect material to create effects with a huge variety of colours, different patterns and multiple shapes, helping us to have the environment we love in the places we care.

Colours of Murano Glass Chandeliers

Murano Glass has a specific composition that can create amazing colours effects when refracted by the light. This permits to have a perfect atmosphere anywhere is needed.
We can play with contrasts like a ruby red chandelier in a concrete open space; a clear transparent glass hanging in a colourful bathroom; or a pure gold table lamp on contemporary furniture.
Colours are completely hand selected from pure minerals and mixed in with glass directly during the production. To make a “pool” of colour, there’s need of a huge quantity of glass and with this the glass masters can create multiple chandeliers. For this reasons sometimes it’s faster creating multiple big fixtures of the same colour when there’s already that active production than just one little lamp of a colour not ready for production.

chandelier fuoco
chandelier pastorale
table lamp murano glass

Different styles of Murano Glass Chandeliers

Combined with colours, we can have a specific lighting fixture style. The latest design choice is still the one of playing with contrasts (contemporary interior vs traditional fixtures and vice verse) but of course we can match traditional chandeliers with classic interiors without being redundant. Murano Glass most famous chandeliers are the Rezzonico style, very traditional and absolutely a master piece for it elaborated décor. There’s also a classic style, where the lines are simpler and linear but still in the Venetian tradition, let’s say a more “everyday” style for dinner tables or bedrooms for instance. Still an elaborated technique but less abundant in details and décor.
There’s of course a new style of chandelier in the Murano glass sector where younger glass master have the pleasure to mix traditional techniques with new ideas and contemporary fashion. There’s a big variety and the glass masters are available to develop new concept even coming directly from customers.

chandelier rezzonico
Rezzonico style
chandelier venetian murano classique
Classique style
murano glass modern
Modern style

Light directions of murano glass chandelier

One other important decision while choosing the fixture is where the bulbs should point at, if down or up lighting. This will change dramatically the effect in the space: down lighting is more direct and focused in an area, ideal on a dining table or in a hotel reception for example; while up lighting has a more diffuse effect, especially if the ceiling is white can give a more open atmosphere and also more breath in a small space.
There are also two other further possibilities: covering or not the bulbs? Also this depends on the final effect willing to achieve. Covering them is going to be of course less glaring and more gloomy, but the light is going to be less direct and more in a contemporary style.

chandelier rezzonico ninfa
chandelier pastorale
table lamp murano glass
table lamp murano glass

Author: Nathalie Quadrio