Elegant way to embellish your home with a little plate in venetian glass or with a unique bowl centerpiece in Murano glass, read more about it

Glass plates and centerpieces are the right idea to embellish your table during the feast season: a sumptuous glass plate in which you can serve the cakes or an elegant centerpiece that makes even more precious and welcoming your kitchen or your living room. Glass plates and centerpieces in Murano glass are ideal to accompany your best event and the end of the year and to rise in the future.

Buying glass plates or centerpieces in Murano glass you choose to customize the decor of your kitchen, to welcome guests or to embellish the mise en place on a special occasion.


Nowadays the fashion and design industry is engaged into the recycling and reuse of various materials with which you can create unique and special works. The Web is full of examples and ideas to enrich and play with your home. But this is not for everyone! If you have no time or are not able to devote yourself to the art of “do it yourself” to create an original centerpiece for your table, on originalmuranoglass.com you can find the right idea.

The shop of Original Murano Glass OMG offers a lot of ideas of glass plates and centerpieces in Murano glass such as:

Tintoretto collection fused glass

Small plates and key dishes

Plates with tree of live in gold

Murrina square plates in venetian glass

< href="https://www.originalmuranoglass.com/plates-dishes.html">Centerpieces bowls in Murano glass


All the collections presented on originalmuranoglass.com are works of master craftsmen of Murano glass; they are completely Made in Italy and certified from a special guarantee of authenticity. Buying on the website you will have the possibility to ensure not only an authentic work in Murano glass, but also to take advantage of a customer service system always available and of the possibility to order and personalize your purchases directly online. The thing that makes even more valuable your glass plates or centerpieces in Murano glass is the opportunity to adapt themselves to the times and furniture, always preserving a high value.