Short history about venetian glass from the Egyptians to last century. We introduce the most important techniques:glass blowing, glass modelling and millefiori. Some curiosity.

Assembling the Venetian chandelier in Rezzonico style is very easy , let's see in this guide what you have to do to assemble it.

We have made an explanatory video visible below where you can see step by step how to install the chandelier, the model exhibited is with 9 lights + 3 lights staggered on the arms + 3 lights on the structure, with a 3-component cage.

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Some customers ask us if the artworks for sell by Original Murano Glass s.n.c. have the official trademark Vetro Artistico ® Murano owned by the Veneto Region and managed by the Consortium Promovetro Murano.

Italian Murano glass stands out from other forms of glass in the manner it is produced. There are a number of ancient techniques used to create a variety of Venetian glass jewellery, sculptures, vases, chandeliers, plates, glasses, goblets, mirrors and so on.

Since the thirteenth century, Murano glass has been a wonder captivating innumerable hearts all around the world with its tradition, beauty, and craftsmanship.

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