The star of Venice palaces is the venetian mirror, unique piece of art, that we proudly make in our factory for your exclusive interior design.

As we have seen in several articles of our Murano glass blog, Murano offers endless possibilities for application. One of these are Venetian mirrors, furniture accessory dating back to the Italian Renaissance. Actually the spread of the mirrors with metallic coating, according to Venetian tradition, started some centuries before, namely between the end of the twelfth century and the beginning of the thirteenth century. However, during the Renaissance the city of Venice become a reference point (together with Nuremberg) for the production of these special mirrors, interpreting in a unique and inimitable way, the processing style and creating solutions of incredible artistic value. In this itinerary, Murano glass plays a decisive role. In fact Venetian mirror finds in Murano glass an extraordinary material, able to enrich the frame and embellish the same reflective surface.


To distinguish a Venetian mirror in Murano glass is the complexity and technical skill behind its creation. Unlike an industrial product, but also an "handmade” ordinary mirror, a Venetian mirror in Murano glass is born with the help of at least three different specialized figures. The artisans involved are, in order, the carpenter for the structure, the glassmakers for the cutting and the processing of the mirror itself and finally the glazier for the decorations and the embellishments. Size, shape, ornaments, colors and designs are then each time the result of the experience and expertise of artisans who work with each other. The result? A masterpiece always new and always different!

VENETIAN MIRRORS IN MURANO GLASS: COLLECTIONS selects and evaluates one by one the Venetian mirrors in Murano glass to offer the best of Made in Italy. We offer four collections at the moment:

Venetian wall mirrors

Venetian mirrors Table

Furniture and accessories in Venetian mirror

Each creation is accompanied by a regular certificate of authenticity that certifies the origin and demonstrates the use of 100% original Murano glass. Explore immediately our catalogue and enjoy your shopping with confidence!