Dsicover the Murano glass artworks made and signed by the most important glass masters of Venice, ready for ship in our store, worldwide delivery.

A strong aesthetic ability is associated with signatures of the greatest authors of sculptures in Murano glass. Trade in the Mediterranean allow this art of glass, an element and an artistic instrument at the service of the great Venetian skills, to come to our peninsula. Sculptures in Murano glass were not the first to spread, whereas the techniques of glass processing were initially used for utilitarian purposes in order to give the community tools in Murano glass they need for everyday life. Since the Renaissance, however, the wealthiest social classes began to take objects and sculptures in Murano glass to enrich their homes or make unique gifts as evidence of their magnificence.


The masterpieces of Murano glass that can be counted since the Renaissance to the present are various: venetian mirrors decorated with gold leaf scratched, enamelled glasses, chandeliers with multicolored flowers or murrine in special colors. In addition, in the modern era, sculptures in Murano glass were created by expert designers in glass processing. The great bond between the glass craft and the world of art, design and furniture creates sculptures in Murano glass unique in style, by great glass masters who, in different collections, reproduce clowns in multicolored glass, Venetian figurines of the eighteenth century, sculptures inspired by Picasso, abstract representations such as those of Tagliapietra or lovers sculptures inspired by vencie the town of love.


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