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Original Murano Glass s.n.c. company is the heir of an important glass factory founded in 1934. Created with immense pride and passion during 2013, the new brand Original Murano Glass OMG® is by far the best handmade art glass, that Venice in Italy has to offer.
The idea was born by a of a team of expert entrepreneurs from Murano Venice, who had been fully involved in the art sector of Murano glass since 1999. The Original Murano Glass OMG® brand was formed in order to offer unique artefacts to clients and art enthusiasts and for the promotion of our artistic heritage, whilst meeting the requirements of transparency and professional certification of artworks in original Murano glass and maintaining top class quality in the products. Our mission today, is to offer a unique market place for Venetian glass lovers, where they can shop, create and buy custom pieces, as well as generate a platform where they can openly discuss and share their love for unique art.

In our team collaborate the best glass masters, established and emerging artists of the island of Venice, skilled craftsmen, designers to create exclusive and unique artworks, allowing us to create a multitude of objects and unique art glass, sometimes bespoke, and after a thorough study of the techniques to be used to provide exclusive works.
Original Murano Glass OMG® artworks are strictly handcrafted and created with the many different techniques in the furnace, by glass blowing, by the hot modeling, by lampworking, by glass fusing, glass etching, cold glass cutted, engraved and painted.

Our company is located in Murano island where we have our own glass factory with two furnaces and large showroom store 500 square meters. Many glass lovers visit us to see our glass blowing demostration and shop.

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We also propose in our store collections of one of a kind artworks made by famouse glass masters and artist of Murano.

The art objects offered with Original Murano Glass OMG® brand are exclusively made in Italy. The objects are always treated in accordance with the techniques of glassmaking Murano and accurately described and subject to the fundamental contribution of comunty.
We believe in the opportunities offered by the web channel with the direct feedback of consumers and fans of the glass allows you to give certain guarantees about the provenance of the works discussed, combining into a single portal knowledge of professionals in the field with the requirements certification that the artistic products require.
Through our website, users can ask for a free estimate of works by our professionals and meet the impressions of the communty .
Already present in our facebook community already has more than 30000 likes and tents since its launch in March 2014 to increase more and more.

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See our video: original Murano Glass OMG® a true emotion!

video original murano glass omg a true emotion