handmade in Venice Italy, since 1291



handmade in Venice Italy, since 1291

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Understanding Millefiori Murrina Murano Glass Making Technique

Italian Murano glass stands out from other forms of glass in the manner it is produced. There are a number of ancient techniques used to create a variety of Venetian glass jewellery, sculptures, vases, chandeliers, plates, glasses, goblets, mirrors and so on.

These include Millefiori or Murrine, Sbruffi, fusing, lampwork, chalcedony, Avventurina technique, etc. 

However, Millefiori or Murrine has been a widely practiced glassmaking technique for the last few centuries. In this post, we’ll try to learn more about this special method. The Italian phrase “Millefiori” denotes “a thousand flowers.” In fact, the outcome of this meticulous process portrays a cluster of beautiful flowers in many different colours. If you’ll take a look at the Murano glass necklaces, pendants, earrings, figurines, paperweights or vases, it would be difficult for you to believe how the skilful artisans from the island of Murano (in Venice) are able to craft such a rich variety of designs and finishes out of glass. The Millefiori or Murrine glassmaking technique is very complex and calls for a superior level of skill to carry out the process. Hence, it is not to be surprised that only Venetian glassmakers have mastered this specific craft.

Creating a murrine design involves multiple stages; however, it begins with the preparation of a glass rod in an exclusive manner. Several layers of semi-liquid glass paste are prepared with one being put on the top of other around the cylindrical rod. Subsequently, every layer is moulded to form a particular flower or star-like shape and colour.

The multi-layered rod is then elongated and cut into tiny tubular pieces known as murrine.

These pieces are cleaned and organised in a preferred pattern inside a distinct heat-resistant mould to deliver the object the required shape. In the next stage, the mould holding the murrine pattern is put into a special furnace that plays a pivotal role in the entire Murano glass making craft. It is used to heat the glass mixture and give it the desired shape while it is in a molten state. As soon as the murrines start sticking to one another inside the furnace, the mould is taken out and its contents are squeezed to form an unbroken Millefiori surface having no openings. It is again placed into the furnace to generate and shape the final object.

Murano glass jewellery made using Millefiori glassmaking technique has become the most sought after items for women all over the world. From pendants and earrings to rings, jewellery lovers will have plenty of options to choose from and take their beauty to a new level. There are now Italian Murano glass products to suit every budget. Shopping for them online is an easier task today, but you need to make sure that you’re buying from a reputable seller of authentic Millefiori glass items. Happy shopping!

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