Before buy a venetian glass piece, we suggest to read this article our experts wrote, that it could help you to identify what your are purchasing from fake Murano glass.

The art of Murano glass is famous all over the world as exclusive handmade in Italy. For this reason is subject to numerous scams, fakes and counterfeiting; often we find in shops, art galleries and websites unsold items passed off as original Murano glass, causing major damage to the artistic and authentic production of the real Murano glass and causing mistrust to all the enthusiasts, who believe buying a unique product and value, instead got a common object. The fakes are often produced industrially in low-cost countries such China. How to identify an original Murano Glass object?

Before you buy an item sold for authenitc venetian glass be aware of these 6 points we would like to share:


  • 1) Original Murano Glass excites you! It is an autenthic emotion. Each original Murano Glass item is a unique handmade artwork, with all the Italy Bella Vita in it.

    Each piece is unique, this mean it can not be produced industrially, each object can not be identical to an other one. Look at some small differences from the others. If you have a sensible eye you can recognize them, or ask the seller to show you. Look at the colours vividness: few Murano Glass items are transparent, usually they are colored, bright colored. Look at the natural imperfections of the glass, and you will discover the hidden hand of the master.
    This is really emotional, and true. Sometimes the craftsman need to use a mold, but you will see that each final product has some difference that makes it unique. It depends for example from the mix of colored glass the master uses for each item.
  • 2) Pay attention to the final selling price of the product!

    Original Murano Glass is not for all budgets, it is a luxury object! The characteristics of original Murano glass are based on the quality of the decorations: gold 24 carats, silver leaf, platinum, alexandrite, agate and so on. These materials have a well-defined cost and should be applied with special techniques that required time and patient. So if an object has a very low price compared to others (especially for jewellery, sculptures and vases) is unlikely to be made with materials and techniques of the original culture of Murano. In most cases, if the prices are low may be false decorations used in imitation of the original ones.
  • 3) Request a certificate of origin!

    An authentic Murano glass piece should have a document certificate of origin where it is described the details information about the piece. All our products rich our customers with our Original Murano Glass OMG® certification where we write name of the artwork, name of the glass Master, year of production and more. Our certification is a true "brand-guarantee" to own an original piece. it is a unique innovative way to register online the piece, that with a picture we store i our database, client can always check the registration for future guarantee. See how to register your product in Original Murano Glass. original murano glass trademark OMG More over in the market there is many kind of certification, even fake one.
    For this reason, the Regione Veneto with “Consorzio Promovetro”, a producers association, has created an official Murano trademark Vetro Artistico® Murano, see the immage of the trademark simbol, this is unique legally recognized, which certify the origin of the objects made by the only producers associated. Moreover only fews Murano glass producers joined this official trademark, many other prefere to certify by themself, read more why not all original Murano Glass has the official trademark. However, beware of fake certificates and stickers applied.

    mark murano glass

  • 4) Check if the work is signed by the artist!

    Look if the object has the artist sign. Often, even if not ever, the glass object is signed by the artist with an engraving on the suraface. In this photo you can see it. Ask the seller if you don’t see any sign on the glass.
    An item signed by the artist is really more precious. Always ask the seller for infos about the maker and verify the sign with other items of the same artist. Consulting the web is always helpful.
    Unfortunately, also the sign can be fake, the sign is not a 100% protection for the buyer. Note that usually the drinking glass, goblets, venetian mirrors and chandeliers are usually not singed.

    glass master sign
  • 5) Pay attention to the techniques used! Check the colors!

    A good practice when you are buying an original Murano Glass is asking the seller to ask information abuot the specific realization technique used. Beware of the glass color, many low-cost supplier sell products with glass color painted on surface with spray varnish, used often to sell low-budget chandeliers and vases. The clear and matt glass must be colored during the furnace's process in the oven like Murano's tradition wants. You can make a test with a common lighter passing on surface the fire to see the varnish burn out. A good seller should know every details about the Murano glass art making, and she/he can describe the ways the artist used to create them. Some of the most used technique are Millefiori, Avventurina, Balotton, Bullicante, Cased Glass, cold glass cut, Fenicio, Filigrana, Half filigree, Reticello, Glass tesserae, Gold/Silver Leaf, Iceglass, Incalmo, Iridescence, Macette – Spots, Pulegoso, Rigadin, Sommerso. More info about Murano Glass techniques.
  • 6) Check the feedback online!

    Last but not least, feedback. Look for a feedback online for the seller. Use the web to discover the reputation of the seller, of the artist, of the item, and so on. Online you can find the opinions of other buyers and their experience. Compare them to be sure of what you are going to buy. Expecially for high price items, you should take your time to inform and then to decide. You are buying an art, so be careful. You can also decide to contact our team to get our glass quote.

Read all? Well. Hope we have helped to identify the original. And hope you will have your great Murano glass experience! Feel free to add your experiences and suggestions commenting this article.