How to install the Venetian Murano glass chandelier Rezzonico style assembly

Assembling the Venetian chandelier in Rezzonico style is very easy , let's see in this guide what you have to do to assemble it.

We have made an explanatory video visible below where you can see step by step how to install the chandelier, the model exhibited is with 9 lights + 3 lights staggered on the arms + 3 lights on the structure, with a 3-component cage.

We recommend carrying out the installation by two people in order to keep the glass pieces safe while the second is suitable for fixing the structural metal components.

It is important to place the pieces on the ground on a carpet or on a cardboard shelf, sorted according to type, arms, bottoms, cups, crests, tall leaves, low leaves, tall flowers and low flowers.

The installation starts from the top, fixing the structure to the ceiling and going down with the chain to the first piece of the main body of the chandelier.

The electrical system must be installed by an electrician or by expert staff, our chandeliers like this in the video are designed for double switching, note the cables with the phases.

Our staff is available to assist you in the installation of our products both at home and via telephone support when needed.

Explanatory video of the assembly and installation of the Venetian Murano glass chandelier made by our team: