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FAQ -Frequent Asked Questions

1) Do you ship to my country?

Yes we ship worlwide by TNT courrier. 

See all information about shipment, click here.


2) How soon will it ship and arrive the packaging? 

See time delivery section, click here.


3) How can I truck my order?

To not bore our customers with complicated order process, we not ask to register an account. 
All informations about the status of the order are sent to the email address provided by customer during chekout.
Once the order is placed you will get an email of confirmation by our payment circuit system, and one by our customer support.
Once the parcel is ready to be delivered you will get an email with tracking information.

It is possible to change billing data and shipping address after order is confirmed, contacting our customer service.


4) Is the Custom Duty Tax cost part of the shipping fee?

NO. Duty import tax is at client expense when applied. The clearance service is fully managed by TNT, which means that export documentation and regulations can be taken care of. more info here.

Frequently customer countries information:

Note: all official information about custom duty tax must be confirmed by Duty Office of the country of import.


Would TNT coordinate the payment of the duty with me?

Yes it will coordinate it. The clearance service is fully managed by TNT, which means that export documentation and regulations can be taken care of.


5) Will goods come with the certificate of authenticity?

Yes, all our artworks are certify Original Murano Glass.

See more information about our certification, click.


6) What happens if it breaks on the way? 

It is not a probleme! Our shipments are always insured by TNT company.

just to let you know in the last year we sent thousand of artwork, just one goblet get broken.

See how we pack carefully our artwork, click here. 

Moreover when the courrier deliver the parcel, you should do this:

  • check immediately if the packaging is demaged from outside,
  • open the box in front of the courrier, and check if everything is ok,
  • when you sign the document to courrier of deliver done, please declare the demage,
  • make mobile photos of packaging and broken piece,
  • Send photo by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with order number.

We will send you a new piece as soon as possible. We will care about insured refound by ourself.

Note that in the last year we sent thousand of artworks, just one goblet got broken. It is our work we know how to do it carefully.


7) What can I do if I do not like the piece?

We give 14days money back guarantee,

see all information about customer satisfaction, click here


8) How can I change currency in your store?

Use the module on top right corner of the storepage to change currency from euro to yours.

See here more information about change currency, click here.


9) How can I place an order in your store?

See here the complete help how to order on Original Murano Glass store, click here.

Have you a good shopping!


10) What kind of payment to you accept?

- Credit Card

- Paypal

- Wire transfer

to pay with American Express see the how to click here.


11) How much would it cost to change the wiring to US electric?

it is included in the chandelier price and service we provide, just in order note write for US system.


100% Original Murano Glass 100%Original Murano Glass
OMG™ authentic and guaranteed

spedizione assicurata DELIVERY WORLD WIDE
with safe insured shipping

14 days money back 100%CUSTOMER SATISFACTION
14 days money back

pronta consegna PROMPT DELIVERY
 for more then 2000 products

Find out more about our web store

The only e-shop based in Murano island.
The biggest collection of Murano glass artworks with more then 2000 objects for sale. Everyday we update our catalogue with new and exclusive Murano glass goods. Original Murano Glass Store is the first official online store of many established and emerging art producers of Murano and Venice. Each object is carefully selected by our experts to provide the highest quality glasswork. Shopping in our online store, customer buy at the best price, directly from our selected Murano glass producers (artists, artisans, furnace and factories).

Certificate of authenticity

Each artwork in our store is handcrafted in Original Murano Glass, according with origin, techniques, materials, and it is created with all the passion, proud and attentions of the best made in Italy. All our products reach the customer with our certificate of authenticity as guarantee to own an original Murano Glass art object. Murano glass handmade according with the old venetian tradition.
Read more about our certification.

Payment methods accepted

payments methods in our shop
credit card payment method original murano glass


Delivery Worldwide

Our decades of experience with glass objects allows us to deliver with the utmost care and security. Every item is carefully packed and shipped by insured TNT courier.

Visit our showroom and furnace in Murano

Original Murano Glass showroom fisical shop
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